LEO 1 Card

Prepaid Smart Card!

You take your first step towards Financial Independence!

With your LEO 1 Card

You take your first step towards Financial Independence!

LEO 1 Cards
card icon

You get a trendy numberless card

reward icon

You earn great
rewards and discounts

wallet icon

You learn to save money

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You get access to financial literacy modules

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You make hassle free payments

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You learn to spend wisely

Use Your LEO 1 Card to

LEO 1 Card mobile app
  • Track your balance and transactions
  • Block and unblock your card
  • Add a new feature statement here
  • Receive notifications on best offers
  • Add funds to your numberless card
  • Set-up spending limits

Transform Identity to Utility

Turn your student ID into a student utility card that unveils a range of benefits that can boost your educational journey.

LEO 1 Card

Acts as a debit and identity card

Tap feature to access library, classrooms, etc

Financial Literacy module to teach better money management

LEO 1 Cards


LEO 1 Cards


LEO 1 Cards


For Institute

Partner with us to provide your students with a smart ID card


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